Since 2000, The Roof Group has been assisting clients nationwide. Our Clients include some of the country’s most progressive companies including REIT’s, National and Local Property Management Firms, National and Independently Owned Restaurants, Architectural and Engineering Firms, Sporting Facilities, Historical Buildings, Resort Facilities, City, County and States, Governmental Agencies and More!

Roof Management is an important aspect in overall building management. Roofs are a costly investment and it only makes economic sense to take care of it. The Roof Group’s comprehensive Roof Management Programs do just that with the implementation of Roof Inspection and Roof Maintenance visits. We thoroughly inspect all roofs in our care and look for things that will cause problems before they turn into major roofing issues and unnecessary expenditures. Our Roof Management Programs are vital in that we track all roofing issues. From data collected, The Roof Group provides building owners/representatives with financial planning for corrective action whether its implementing a roof maintenance program, performing roof repairs or replacing a roof.

Our Roof Assessment and Existing Conditions Reports have been integral component in large building portfolio acquisitions as well as for real estate and owner budgeting purposes. Our careful and comprehensive rooftop and rooftop component inspections enable us to aid our clients in making solid roofing decisions.